If you have all the financing you need for your business, this site is not for you.

Companies seeking financing generally fall into three categories

  1. Access to all the financing they need.
  2. Access to financing but may struggle with the amount and/or structure of financing.
  3. Struggling to get access to the financing and structure you need.


Easy Access to Financing you need, without exception

If your company has easy access to all the financing it needs, then this site is not for you.  This site is focused on companies that face some challenges getting the amount of financing or the optimum financing structure.

Access to financing but the amount or structure are not exactly right

Your able to get financing, but it doesn't feel right.   The financing seems to create some additional pressure on the company.  Indications of this include a reduction in liquidity, frequent adjustments to the financing amount or structure or meetings with your lender to change the amount or structure.

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Struggling to get access to the financing and structure you need

This is a combination of the raw credit score and the lender's blending formula.  Maximize this and you will get access to all the capital you need to grow your company.

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The Business Credit Score Card process is a method of measuring your company's ability to access the capital you need and a monitoring system to make sure you are always on track.

This system clearly identifies your company's strengths and weaknesses to identify your areas of focus.  We use the five Cs of credit in a quantitative model to create a credit score. This form of credit scoring is used by all lenders, some are more sophisticated than others.

Dial the Right Settings

Lenders make a choice on how much weight they give to each of the five Cs.  They essentially make a decision to turn up or down the emphasis on each one of the five Cs.  Since each lender is different, it's important to know the dial settings for your lender and if they are a good match for you.

The Business Credit Score Card gives you the ability yo adjust these dial setting so you are fully in tune with your lender.  If you are not in tune with your lender because of there dial settings, you can now search for a new lender that will be fully in tune with your company's dial settings and performance metrics.

No other system gives you a more comprehensive and simple system to measure your company's performance against your lenders dial settings to assure you will always have access to the capital you need.


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